Amazon Web Services For Managers

I am asked often about the ins and outs of Amazon Web Services by C-levels, directors and managers. They aren’t looking for nitty gritty nuances of scripting with the API of the Elastic Compute μ›Ήν•˜λ“œ Cloud, they are just interested in the general overview of how the ‘cloud’ works.

When explaining AWS for the first time to managers (or anyone, for that matter) it is best to talk in concepts rather than in concrete terms. I’ve also noticed it is beneficial to try to tangiblize the discussion with familiar terms. Using terms like “Elastic IP” gets quizical looks, but calling it a publicly accessible IP address helps people to get a better overall grasp of concepts before using the AWS terms for things.

Hierarchical Organization

At a very high level, you can think of EC2 as a global computing environment. Within EC2 are geographical regions that can be thought of as data centers. Inside of these data centers are computer clusters that in AWS parlance are called Availability Zones:

– EC2 (think: cloud)
—— Regions (think: data center)
————- Availability Zones (think: computer cluster)


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